The Build Guild
Fort Wayne’s Premier Makers Space
1025 Goshen Ave. Fort Wayne IN 46808

The Guild

Who we are.

Paint. Sew. Build props or costumes. Fix something. 

The Build Guild started as a space for individuals in the cosplay community to come together and create their costumes but our space quickly grew and attracted creative individuals across the artistic spectrum.

We have worktables, tools, and equipment to do it yourself. All for as low $3 per day or monthly memberships starting at $25 per month. We offer monthly workshops to teach skills or hobbies as well as “free stuff” donated to the Guild for our members to use. Your creative journey begins here.

Our Space

We have tools, equipment, and table space to build, make, and craft. All are 24 hour access 24 hour access. Builders can take advantage of our “Free Stuff Bin”, full of materials donated, that are free to use here or take home.


We offer 6 guided tours of our makers space per month. You may register to be in one of our guided tours on our workshop page or call 260-209-9150 to register.

The cost of the tour is $10 per person. We will credit this to your first month membership. To use the credit you must join  within 30 days of the tour.

Click here to view our membership levels & pricing

We now have 2 CNC routers. We call them “big C” and “little C”. “Big C” has a four foot wide cut path and open ended for virtually unlimited lengths. Little “C” is perfect for those smaller jobs with a 16″ x 16″ bed.

We also have 2 18″ x 18″ laser engraver\cutters just waiting for our members to put to use.

We offer a membership that includes all of our workshops. An additional $30 per month gets you in all of them.

Here are just a few of our classes, check out our workshops page for more classes like Woodworking, Smelting, Welding, Foam smithing and much more!.


Learn the basics of throwing clay on a pottery wheel.


Learn the basics of forging and shaping metal on an anvil.

Acrylic Pouring

Learn to mix paint properly for pouring and make a flip cup dirty pour.

Sewing Basics

Learn the basics of using a sewing machine.

Check out a full list of our workshops here or visit our Workshops page for a calendar of all our scheduled events Tip; click the drop down Event Categories list to search for a specific workshop.


3D printing
  pottery wheel
  clay slab work
Mead (honey based wine)
Cloak making
Crochet and Knitting
Dice tower, premium


Faux finishes
wood grain
Foam smithing
Jewelry making
  wire wrapping
Lathe turning
  basic turning
  bowl making
  ink pen making
Leather tooling


  acrylic pouring
  dirty cup
  acrylic pouring
  oil painting
  paint and pizza
  water color
Papier mache’
Pipe sweating


Sewing 101
Slime making
Smelting, aluminum
Special effects make up
Wig styling, costume
Woodworking 101
Woodworking, premium

Check out all our Videos here.