Q: What is The Build Guild?

A: We are a DIY makerspace with a plethora of tools and supplies for hobbyists, cosplayers, painters, sculptors, woodworkers and other artists to come together to create, collaborate, brainstorm and inspire their projects.


Q: What age to I have to be to have a membership?

A: You must be 18 years or older. If you are younger than 18, you may have a parent or guardian purchase a membership and you may accompany them to the Guild. They must always be present whenever you are at the Guild. No one 18 years or younger may enter the woodworking room.


Q: Can a membership be shared?

A: Yes. One person is the membership owner and may attend the Guild anytime their membership allows. The other person sharing the membership may only attend when the membership owner is present.


Q: How much are workshops? Can non members attend?

A: For Guild members, workshops are free minus the cost of supplies. Non members may also attend and the cost varies but we try to keep it low cost so that everyone can attend.


Q: Is there a cancellation fee?

A: No, you may cancel anytime.


Q: What if I want to cancel my membership but I have prepaid for 6-12 months? Will I be reimbursed for unused time?

A: You may cancel at any time. Any unused time we are happy to reimburse.


Q: What do you not provide?

A: We do not provide consumables such as nails, paints, glues, wood, staples, fuels, etc. We do however have a “Free Stuff” wall of consumables that members are free to take and use for their projects. We also occasionally offer various materials for sale to members.


Q: How can I pay for a membership?

A: We accept PayPal, credit cards, checks, cash. For PayPal, please send payments to thebuildguild.org@gmail.com


Q: What if I am injured while at The Build Guild?

A: For new members, we go over all the rules and safety tips for using our tools. We have staff available to help teach and train you on how to safely use our equipment. We have a First Aid Kit available for minor injuries. The Build Guild however, is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to any member, their guests, and/or property in any form, any cause whatsoever, prior to, during or subsequent to the time the Member or their guests are in, on or at The Build Guild.


Q: Are there any discounts available for memberships?

A: We have a 10% discount for 6 months pre-paid memberships and 15% for 12 month pre-paid memberships. If you authorize your credit card to be on an automatic billing cycle, you will receive an additional 5% off. We also want to reward our early members. We offer three group pricing levels. The first 20 members receive 50% off the monthly price. The next 20 members receive 25% off and the final group of 40 will receive 10% off. Further members after that will be at standard pricing. The early groups will be grandfathered in and as long as their membership is active they will always pay that discounted rate for life. All groups have the opportunity for the pre-paid and automatic pay discounts.


Q: When does my credit card get billed?

A: Membership dues are the 25th of every month. ACH payments will come out the 3rd or the next business day. It will be considered delinquent on the 3rd day of the month and will be terminated on the 5th day of the month if dues are not paid.


Q: Is there a referral bonus?

A: If you refer someone and they become a member for at least 3 months, you will receive a free month to your membership.


Q: I don’t know where to start? Can someone help me with my project?

A: We have a members only Facebook Group where you can get help from other members to collaborate on your project. We also have a collection of self help learning books and E-books that can also help you along the way as well as free WiFi for members to research their project.


Q: I have a question for one of the owners. How can I get in contact with them?

A: You can reach Abraham at 260-341-3406 or email us at thebuildguild.org@gmail.com


Q: Can I bring my children to The Build Guild?

A: We allow children of any age to come. However, we only allow 2 children per adult to accompany them to the Guild UNLESS they have a Family Membership. Children under 18 are not allowed inside the woodworking room.


Q: Do you offer family memberships?

A: We do. Depending on what discount group you are in, it is the equivalent of our Royal Family membership level + $10. This membership includes two adults and as many children as you have in the household.


Q: Can I bring a friend with me?

A: Yes, for the Lord and Royal membership levels. The Lord may bring 1 guest and the Royal may bring 2 guests. You must be present with them at all times.


Q: What are your hours?

A: Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 9:30pm, Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm. Unless we have an open house on the weekends we are not open for member levels below Royal access. Royal members have 24 hour access.


Q: Do I have to be a member to teach a workshop?

A: No. We are always looking for people to teach a particular trade or skill set whether they are a member or not. If interested in teaching a workshop, please email us with your contact info and your desired trade to teach at thebuildguild.org@gmail.com and we will get back with you!


Q: Does The Build Guild do work for people?

A: Yes, if one of our members was interested in performing the job, we will have them get in contact with you to discuss the details of your job. If you are interested in having us to work for you please email us with “Commission info” in the subject line to thebuildguild.org@gmail.com


Q: Do you offer day memberships or less than 1 month?

A: No. Our lowest membership is $20 per month which makes it 67 cents per day. We feel this is the best way to get the best bang for your buck versus paying for a day rate.


Q: What if you don’t have a tool I need?

A: If you pre-pay for one year of a Lord or Royal membership, we will go buy that tool for you, up to $100.


Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

A: Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time however, if you are a Royal and move to a lower level, you must give up your locked table since you are moving to a lower level. If you upgrade, we can modify your table to a Royal lock table.


Q: Do I have to be a member to attend a woskshop?

A: No. If you’re not a member, you just have to pay more. They will always be a instruction fee and usually materials costs. Members, not matter what, will never pay a instruction fee. The only thing members have to pay is just material costs.